Watch Cloud and Sephiroth battle it out in the new Final Fantasy Universal Studios ride

I’m in

Announced months ago, Universal Studios and Square Enix are partnering up to present the “Final Fantasy XR ride,” at Universal Japan, among other projects. XR, as a reminder, is code for “VR ride,” described as “super real experiences that synchronize the frantic speed and the sense of gravity of a theme park ride with astonishing advances in virtual reality that transport you to brand new super real world through sight and sound, stimulating the six senses.”

Now we have an actual look at what this attraction will entail, and it seems like a Mog is operating the whole thing (much like the robot crew in Disney’s Star Tours), and you’ll be traveling to Midgar, riding alongside of Chocobos, and witnessing a battle between Cloud and Sephiroth. The working title seems to be “Mog Ship: Magitek Observation Guild.”

Watching all of this unfold is still wild to me. As a kid I never thought I’d live in a world with Final Fantasy, Mario, and Miyazaki theme park attractions.

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