Watch Bass bust out his buster in Mega Man 10

Earlier in the week, hackers unlocked Bass and a bunch of other DLC from Mega Man 10. I’d show you what they found, but that would make Capcom sad. Instead, I’ll show you this official video from Capcom Japan. It shows off Bass, one of the game’s first bits of DLC, set to hit Wii consoles on April 5th.

If you dropped out the Mega Man scene after the NES era, you may not be familiar with Bass (pronounced ‘base’). I’d catch you up, but there isn’t much to say, other than the fact that he’s like Mega Man but with giant ear-flaps and perpetually angry eyebrows. As far as evil rivals go, he’s not quite as lame as Shadow the Hedgehog, but not quite as awesome as Wario.  At least he’s really fun to use, with the ability to aim in seven directions and fuse with his purple robot-wolf-dog-pal-thing. Also, he loves reggae.

Speaking of music, how do you like the song in that video? It’s from Solar Man’s stage in Mega Man 10. Some people hate it, but I think it’s killer rock, man.

Yes indeed. Rock, man.


Mega Man 10- Bass promo footage [GoNintendo]

Jonathan Holmes
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