Watch all kinds of Fallout 3 oddities and Easter eggs

The train is on your head

I’ve shared videos from Shesez, known for their boundary break videos before, but you know when a Bethesda game is involved it’s going to be extra special.

Going back to Fallout 3 they stumbled upon a few silly things by changing the viewpoint and breaking the map. Most notably, in the first-person train sequence in Brotherhood of Steel, the train is actually just the player with a train on their heads. You can’t really tell when the mission is happening due to some (official) forced camera trickery but it’s funny all the same.

Normally you can’t see your mother, Catherine, throughout Fallout 3 in general, but through some manipulation you can plainly see her during the intro. This one has been around for a long while but it’s still fascinating all the same. That goes double for the alien-themed Mothership Zeta portion of the video when Shesez zooms out to view the entire Earth.

Chris Carter
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