Watch a speedrunner beat Dishonored: Death of the Outsider in the blink of an eye

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Faster than a bat outta hell

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My first Dishonored: Death of the Outsider playthrough took around eight hours. I poked my head in places off the beaten path and scoured levels for extra bonecharms. Even still, I thought I was moving through the game at a quick pace. That is until I watched Bjurnie’s speedrun. The Dutch streamer can finish the game in under ten minutes. Considering the expansion released two weeks ago, that’s some serious optimization in a short amount of time.

Speedrunners are no strangers to in-game glitches and exploits. Bjurnie uses a technique the Dishonored speedrun community refers to as a “leap glitch.” Basically, by canceling Billie Lurk’s climbing animation and using a free scrolling mouse wheel to rebind the jump key, speedrunners can zoom across huge portions of the map in the blink of an eye.

It all happens so fast that it can be difficult to keep up. Bjurnie’s movements are precise and clearly well practiced (according to the split timer, the current world record run is the streamer’s 220th attempt). By combining the leap glitch and Billie Lurk’s supernatural Displacement ability, each one of Death of the Outsider‘s intricate levels gets finished in a matter of minutes. Though the expansion’s story tries to build up to Billie and the Outsider’s final standoff, speedrunners like Bjurnie make sure that the god never sees his killer coming.


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