Watch 14 minutes of Ace Combat 7 footage with no sappy story

Flight of Icarus

I was a bit dismissive with my last post about Ace Combat 7. The trailer released for E3 was pretty bad, in my defense, but I jumped to some conclusions based on having only played a small selection of the previous titles (6 and Assault Horizon). From the looks of this trailer (and what I was told by fans of the series), the games have a richly detailed back story mixed with some realistic gameplay mechanics that blend together to create a surreal universe.

At least this trailer ditches the melodrama for a more focused look at what Ace Combat 7 will be doing to differentiate itself from the more polarizing entries in the series (ironically the two games I’ve played). I love the touch of you having to retract your landing gear, but I also dig the developers talking about design decisions and their hopes for the title. Hopefully the game doesn’t go full-on stupid like Assault Horizon did.

Ace Combat 7 Gets Campaign Mode Footage With Comments From The Director [Siliconera]

Peter Glagowski
Former Dtoid staff member.