Wasteland Remastered blowin’ up next month on PC and Xbox One

Let’s not Fallout

inXile Entertainment has announced that it will be bringing a fully remastered edition of tactical adventure title Wasteland to PC and Xbox One next month. Wasteland Remastered sees the developer team up with Krome Studios to rebuild the classic DOS adventure for a new generation of players.

Originally released way back in 1988, Wasteland combined tabletop RPG elements with the technology of home computers to deliver a post-apocalyptic adventure like none other. Players controlled a party of four through desolate North America – laid waste in the aftermath of global thermonuclear warfare – as they fought mutants, gathered supplies, and undertook missions on behalf of the land’s self-appointed military, The Desert Rangers.

With its dark, dystopian world, grim storytelling, and enthralling adventure, Wasteland would become a classic of its time, and was hugely influential in the development of Bethesda’s Fallout series, which would follow in Wasteland‘s irradiated footsteps almost a decade later.

While there is no footage to go on, Wasteland Remastered aims to capture the original release’s gameplay, but with fully updated visuals and audio, including new voiceover work. For old-school fans, a toggle will allow you to switch to the original 1988 edition and pull on the ol’ nostalgia strings.

Wasteland Remastered launches on PC and Xbox One February 25. Wasteland 3 is currently in development for PS4, PC and Xbox One, and is scheduled to launch May 19.

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