Warzone 2.0 train invincibility glitch, explained

Taking a ride on the invincible side

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Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 is full of new features, locations, and gimmicks that Activision brought battle royale players. However, one of the unintentional features of the game is the recent Warzone 2.0 train glitch that causes the lumbering vehicle to give some players the power to withstand any attack without fail.

How the Warzone 2.0 train glitch works

In a clip from Reddit user, TheCopperViking, players can see the Warzone 2.0 invincibility train exploit in action. During the gameplay segment, it appears that the player is atop the Al Mazrah train as it circles around the map. Their teammate gets downed by an enemy team on another train car, pushing the player to try and rescue them.

The problem is when they jump on top of the next car and shoot at the enemy players below, none of their shots land. This is despite the fact that the player clearly hit most of their shots, yet no damage is dealt. Instead, they are subsequently taken out by the enemy team and the clip ends.

Through this glitch, we can see that the train, at least in this corner of the open car, seemingly provides some players with invincibility. Even if you aim currently and fire away at them with pinpoint accuracy, your shots won’t deal any damage. This is quite frustrating for players, as seen in the comments on the original Reddit post.

Using the Warzone 2.0 train invincibility glitch could get you banned

Some players may want to use this Warzone 2.0 train invincibility glitch for themselves, which we don’t recommend due to breaking the terms of service. That said, the exact cause of the exploit is currently unknown, even if you wish to take unfairly advantage of it.

It is possible that the glitch has to do with the positioning of the players involved. In the case of the gameplay clip, the player is above the enemies they’re shooting, which could be the underlying problem of why they can’t deal any damage.

The possibility is that the train is moving so fast that the battle royale game could register the floor of the train as quicker than the players. As such, the train could, technically, be ahead of the players in question.

So, when the person believes they are firing down at the players below them, they are actually firing directly at the floor ahead of said players. If you wish to counter this glitch, a grenade or explosive area-of-effect weapon may be a solid alternative. There is also the chance that standing in this particular corner of the open car offers invincibility of some kind.

However, I can’t recommend any player to try and activate this invincibility exploit for themselves. Doing so runs the risk of a swift ban from Activision, which is quite common. Instead, I won’t be heading to the train anytime soon until this is fixed, and I suggest you do the same.

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