Wartech: Senko no Ronde figure now available from Max Factory

While I’ve been on the less popular end of a lot of arguments regarding the quality of Senko no Ronde as a videogame (I found it overly-tech on the fighting side and chokingly restrictive on the shmup side), there’s no arguing about the quality of its distinct and wonderful character design.

Shuji Sogabe and Mizuki Takayama created an array of hyper-feminine characters to choose from, with a clean, colorful and deliciously futuristic style not unlike some of Hyung-Tae Kim’s concept art. The borderline headphone musume darling Pec Champo was no exception, and the good people at Max Factory have seen fit to bring her to life in PVC form. 

Miss Champo features a translucent, castoffable dress (which is silly when you think about it, even if it’s true to the original), and is now available for about $50 from Hobby Search. Check out some more pictures down the hall and to the left.

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Topher Cantler