Warriors Orochi PSP screens and details

While Dynasty Warriors for PSP was a fun little game at the time, it did little to recreate the feeling of Koei’s button mashing battlefield madness in a handheld format. Broken up into tiny little maps with a less-than-impressive strategy element thrown in, it was clear the game was trying to appeal to a more portable environment, but in doing so made for a very flat feeling experience.

“Having received so much feedback from fans who were desperate to have the full Warriors console experience in a portable format we’re really pleased to now be able to give them exactly what they’ve wished for,” stated Koei Europe sales manager Will Curley. “For the first time on PSP the huge battlefields from the console versions of Warriors Orochi have been recreated and crammed into a portable gaming experience along with the entire cast of characters. Warriors Orochi is a massive step forward for Warriors games on PSP and we’ve been really impressed with just what we can do on PSP.”

Having just picked up a new PSP (I sold mine years ago when it had only three games worth playing), this sounds good to me. Now I don’t even have to stop beating up medieval Chinese soldiers to go take a crap. Will the PSP be able to handle the sheer weight of playable characters and onscreen soldiers? We’ll see. The screens so far are showing promise. 

Jim Sterling