Warriors Orochi 2 blowout: Lightsabres and monkey kings!

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I was waiting until the final new character was revealed before picking up anymore Warriors Orochi 2 stories, and with Famitsu finally doing the honors, it’s time to bring Destructoid’s Koei fans up to date with this amazing looking game. 

When we last left off, two characters had been revealed — Taigong Wang and Taira no Kiyomori, who joined Fu Xi and Nu Wa as new roster additions. Well, they’re not the only newcomers, as they will also be joined by lightsabre-wielding Minamoto no Yoshitsune and monkey king Sun Wukong — the very same monkey from the classic Journey to the West novel. Rounding out the list of brand new characters is Himiko, who some of you may remember from Kessen II

Twenty new stages have been announced, as well alternate costumes from previous titles in the Dynasty/Samurai Warriors series. In addition, the game has been reviewed by Famitsu, scoring itself a respectable 32 out of 40.

Check out the gallery for the new characters, all thanks to my chums at Koei Warriors. This is shaping up to be Koei’s best Warriors game yet, and I’m really excited to see a true sequel grow out of what I thought was going to be a rushed and cheap cash-in. It’s got the friggin’ Monkey King in it, people! How can that go wrong?

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