Warriors of Rock expands Wii/DS connectivity

With Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock for Wii and Nintendo DS, more people will be crowded around your television trying to play the music game than ever before.

The previous Guitar Hero game had introduced Wii and DS connectivity, with players on the handheld controlling a Roadie. With Warriors of Rock, up to eight players — four on Wii, four on DS — can participate, expanding the experience. This also means you’re going to need a bigger living room. Digs aside, it looks like a neat (and fun) trick, adding a lot of “gamey” elements to the music game experience. I’m especially a fan of being able to control a quickplay set list on the fly using the DS; I can sneak Miley Cyrus and Lily Allen tunes in between Dillinger Escape Plan and Metallica tracks without anyone knowing!

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock is out for the Wii and Nintendo DS on September 28.

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