Warriors: Legends of Troy brings a beating in new screens

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Tecmo Koei has been worryingly quiet when it comes to Warriors: Legends of Troy, the first M-rated Warriors game developed with Western gamers in mind. The title recently slipped to a March 8 release date, and I’m hoping that the delays and silence aren’t a bad portent. 

Here are some new screens and character art anyway, which show off the darker, more violent direction that this game is taking. Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors are notably blood-free, providing a Teen-friendly experience in spite of all the deaths (tastefully called KOs) in them. Legends of Troy dispenses with the pleasantries and makes sure that the people you killed are done so without mercy. 

Yes, even Warriors games can go the “dark and gritty” route. 

I was apprehensively pleased with what I checked out at E3 last year and I’m crossing my fingers for it. I’m probably the only one doing so, but screw you. 

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