Warren Ellis laid groundwork for Dead Space story

Warren Ellis is amazing. I swear, the man must not sleep a wink at night. Not only is he currently writing at least eight different comic book series, the direct-to-DVD anime adaptation of Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse and several other projects, now he’s given us word that he’s responsible in some capacity for the story in Dead Space.

It seems that Ellis had considerable involvement in the early stages of the game, stating in a newsletter that he, “wrote a bunch of the groundwork, backstory and structure.” He does also state, however, that there was at least one other writer involved in the project, so it remains to be seen how much of his influence made it into the final product.

I must have read Transmetropolitan at least fifty times and I’m a huge fan of his current Doktor Sleepless series. As a result, this news has elevated Dead Space from being a game that had me mildly excited to downright frothing at the mouth for.  October can’t come quickly enough for me, how about you?


[Via Shacknews — Thanks, Jonathan!]

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