Warning: A lot of Clash of the Titans add-ons coming

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Because you, the gamer, demanded it — Namco Bandai has announced that not one but four downloadable content add-on packs are coming for Clash of the Titans.

Available now is the “Apollo’s Challenge” Quest Pack, which features three new quests which will have you fighting a minotaur, among other things. The content will be followed up by three other quest packs — “Hades’ Challenge,” “Zeus’ Challenge,” and “Athena’s Request” — which will hit throughout September and into October.

These quest packs will run you 160 MS Points via Xbox Live, or $1.99 on PlayStation Network. Since Clash of the Titans was your favorite third-person action game based on your favorite film remake, you’re going to buy all of them, right? If you’re not to sure, read on the full details and release dates of each pack.

PACK 1 (Available Now) – “Apollo’s Challenge” Quest Pack features three new quests:

  • Tyrant of the Swamp: Defeat Silenus in the unforgiving Miasma Swamp
  • Two Headed Wolf: Brave the Djinn Desert and overpower Orthos
  • Sleeping Bull of the Labyrinth: The legendary Minotaur awaits in the Medusa Temple

PACK 2 (September 7, 2010) -“Hades’ Challenge” Quest Pack contains two new quests:

  • Wild White Horse of the Underworld: Take on the War Rider in Tartaros
  • Absolute Defense: Tartaros plays host to a ferocious confrontation with Feralisk

PACK 3 (September 21, 2010) – “Zeus’ Challenge” Quest Pack features two new quests:

  • Temple of the Gods: The Shrine of Olympus is where you must defeat Death Needle
  • Man-eating Monster: Deadly Manticore lies in wait for you at the Shrine of Olympus

PACK 4 (October 5, 2010) – “Athena’s Request” Quest Pack features two quests previously available as a pre-order bonus:

  • “Bird in Hand” Quest Pack: Slay the giant-winged Cockatrice to acquire the Wing of Icarus sub-weapon
  • “Songs of Enchantment” Quest Pack: Defeat the succubus and beautiful siren to win the “Orpheus” sub-weapon
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