Warner has 75 games in the works

Yesterday, CEO of Warner Brothers Jeffrey Bewkes revealed that the company has over 75 games planned for the next seven years. That’s a serious amount of Bugs Bunny and party titles. The statement was made in an earnings call, where Bewkes goal was to illustrate the partnerships Warner maintains and the validity of their own original IPs.

We have a small interest in something called Brash Entertainment, which is a video games publisher, and I mentioned we have the arrangement with our strategic partner in Abu Dhabi who is funding up to $250 million to co-finance the development of up to 75 games over the next seven years. We also have an investment in Eidos, which is a UK games developer, and we distribute all of these.

One of the stellar games in Warner Brother’s lineup this year is Guinness World Records: The Videogame, which sounds like a real crowd pleaser. I think at some point, every publisher needs to self-actualize. Perhaps step back and say, “Hey, are these titles going to be any good?” I’ll give it to them for the Lego games, but Acme Arsenal and Speed Racer? Time to look in the mirror.

[via MCV]

Brad BradNicholson