Warlock is the final Master Chief Collection map to be revamped

A fan favorite

Six maps from Halo 2 are being given preferential treatment when Halo: The Master Chief Collection releases on November 11. The previously revealed ones are Ascension, Coagulation, Zanzibar, Sanctuary, and Lockout. The final map is a bit of a fan favorite — Warlock, which is being renamed as Warlord.

The small, four-way symmetric base is fondly remembered because of its propensity to spur close-quarter, high action matches. The teleporters throughout the map amplify this, as players warp in and out of combat in the blink of an eye.

In its Master Chief Collection state, Warlord will see a few changes. Among these are more cover, additional skill jumps, and a new weapon that rests in the middle of the map.

Warlord’s roots are deeper in the franchise than just Halo 2. It was an original map in Halo: Combat Evolved that was named “Wizard,” and it was remade for Halo: Reach as “Magus.” Regardless of which version fans remember, Warlord will seem familiar, just enhanced, as part of Master Chief Collection.

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