Warhawk could be multiplayer and download only for PS3

In the latest bit of sorta/kinda bad news for Sony, 1UP brings word that Warhawk could be getting an extreme makeover. The once pimped out title could now just be a multiplayer-only game that will be available via the PlayStation Network. Bring out the gimp:

“What I do know is that some interesting cuts choices have indeed been made in terms of its scope, and I’m curious to see how they’ll go over with people (myself included). What Warhawk has apparently evolved into is a multiplayer-only title featuring ground and air combat that’ll be downloadable from PSN.

It’s interesting, because I know a lot of people’s perception of the game will change once they hear it’s downloadable over PSN as opposed to being a full retail game. It shouldn’t. I believe this could actually become a great demonstration of what Sony has in store for us with downloadable games.”

So is this bad news or good news? I’m all for downloadable games, but it seems as if Sony is giving up on this one. Of course, this is pretty much all speculation at this point and it could turn out to be a good thing. Who knows.

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