Wargroove is getting a massive co-op campaign DLC for free

Plus new editor tools

Wargroove is kind of a fan-favorite strategy game at Destructoid, mixing old and new school strategy design while letting us live in a fantasy-oriented Advance Wars follow-up fever dream that Nintendo just isn’t interested in giving us (yet?). Given that it has full multiplayer support and a map editor a lot of folks are still playing it, but this upcoming free DLC expansion is going to extend that party a while longer.

It’s called “Double Trouble,” and as the name implies is fully co-op oriented (with concessions for solo play). It adds a new campaign with three new commanders (of the Outlaw variety), two new units (Riflemen and Thieves), more arcade missions and quick play maps, as well as the ability to play custom campaigns online with an expanded lobby system, and new custom tools like a volcano theme.

Chucklefish has confirmed that Double Trouble is coming to all platforms (PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One), with a release date to be announced “soon” after the update gets through the patch approval process. At that point we’ll get a release date and a trailer. Not bad for people who invested early!

Introducing…Double Trouble [Wargroove]

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