Warframe’s Titania Prime has me asking ‘Where’s the art book?’

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Seven years on and the artists and developers at Digital Extremes continue to create some of the most beautiful sci-fi art you can find in gaming. The Warframes they create are immaculate. Case in point: Titania Prime. Available now on all platforms, Titania Prime is the ultimate form of the original Titania that launched back in 2016 alongside the “Silver Grove” update.

Titania Prime is currently available as part of Prime Access and she doesn’t come cheap. But come on, just look at that design:


Tell me you wouldn’t want to see the rough sketches from Digital Extremes artists that took her creation from conception to final design. Because I sure as hell would for her, for my main Wisp, Grendel…all of the Warframes. And that’s to say nothing of the environments and key art that continue to impress. I mean, just look at what they put out for the “Jovian Concord” update.


I want that as a mural on my wall. I don’t care if I rent!

We have more than seven years worth of art in this game that is just begging to be part of a compendium. And as Warframe continues to grow with each passing year, I can only hope somebody at the top is talking to publishers about turning all those sketches and rough drafts into my next coffee table book.

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