Warframe’s Digital Extremes is teasing the Heart of Deimos and Hydroid Prime for TennoCon 2020

That’s one salty sea captain

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Like many other gaming events this summer, TennoCon 2020 has gone all-digital. Originally planned for July 11, it was pushed back a few weeks to August 1 and today, Digital Extremes has released some snippets of information of what fans can expect to see at this year’s show. Not only will Warframe be getting an awesome Hydroid Prime suit (Editor Note: The suit has actually been in the game since 2017 and is not new. I apologize for the error.) which you can see in the gallery below, but we’ll get the full reveal of the new area, Heart of Deimos, at this year’s show.

If you want that Hydroid Prime Warframe, all you have to do is watch TennoLive on Twitch. Doing so will also net you the Athodai Hand Cannon firearm. All players need to do is link their Warframe account to their Twitch account and watch the show for 30 minutes.

As a reminder, digital and merch packs for TennoCon 2020 are currently up for sale. A portion of proceeds will benefit Autism Ontario London and the Alzheimer Society London and Middlesex.

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