Warframe’s developers removed an ‘insanely profitable’ microtransaction to protect its reputation

Some studios would have kept it in

Grinding Gear Games and Digital Extremes are getting a lot of clout for Path of Exile and Warframe respectively, and a lot of the reason for that is respect for its playerbase.

A situation involving the latter popped up recently as a result of a NoClip documentary, which spoke to Digital Extremes GM Sheldon Carter about a specific wildly popular microtransaction. While Warframe makes its mark with cosmetics and a free-to-play scheme, every so often any given community has the sentiment that a line has been crossed. That apparently happened with Kubrows (pet) re-coloring.

After seeing a user buy the feature 200 times, they apparently realized “[they] had created a slot machine,” and took it out a day later. This was early yet, before the loot box war truly kicked off and even world government bodies were involved, but still — words of wisdom to live by!

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