Warframe’s The Duviri Paradox expansion arrives in April

Warframe The Duviri Paradox

Things seem to be getting strange(r) in Warframe

The popular online multiplayer game Warframe is getting its next big piece of content next month. The Duviri Paradox expansion for Warframe arrives in April, bringing its own style of experience to the sci-fi game.

As premiered during today’s March Devstream, a teaser showed off some more of the theme and vibe for The Duviri Paradox. The story follows the Drifter, stuck in a shifting and changing world, going up against the Child King ruler Dominus Thrax.

Publisher and developer Digital Extremes is billing this as a roguelike-inspired Open World experience, which will be accessible to both new and old players. You can get a glimpse of what that looks like here:

During today’s stream, the team also shared more about the different improvements to the Warframe experience and what’s in store for this update. Crucially, there are three different game modes you’ll be greeted with when kicking off your journey. “The Circuit” will be a new, Warframe Only endless game mode, while “The Duviri Experience” will be a full open world adventure. For those who want some solo story, “The Lone Story” will provide that. You can learn more from the Twitch VOD here.

No date was locked in, just the April window; but more information about The Duviri Paradox and its date will be coming “soon.”

A true paradox

I’m admittedly not a huge Warframe person, though that’s mostly from never having played more than a few hours of it. Today’s announcement caught my eye, though, with its statement that players new and old could both hop in.

Those who have taken the plunge with Warframe have frequently sung its praises, so an onboard ramp is certainly appealing to me. Plus, a roguelike option in a constantly updating game is curious to me, in and of itself. We’ll see just what the paradox holds when The Duviri Paradox hits Warframe sometime next month.

For those who want to celebrate the new content in-person, there’s an additional bit of good news: Digital Extremes will be hosting TennoCon in-person later this year on August 26 in London, Ontario.

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