Warframe is live now on Switch, along with account migration

It’s crazy how much better this game has gotten

Although it took a bit to arrive, Warframe went live on the Nintendo Switch eShop late last night. New players can take advantage of a free “starter pack” of in-game items from now until December 4, which includes 50,000 credits (currency), a 3-day gear rank booster, a double mod capacity Orokin Reactor item and Forma (a take on Call of Duty‘s prestige system that resets gear but buffs it).

If you’ve never played Warframe before, it’s an action-oriented sci-fi joint that started off rocky on PC and PS4, then steadily improved over time as developer Digital Extremes addressed various criticisms of the game. It’s amazingly remained actually free-to-play, where the purchases are cosmetic, sans subscription fee.

Want to get all caught up on the last five years before downloading the game on Switch? Read our great comprehensive interview with its developer. If you have played before, here’s how you migrate your account from PC to Switch.

Warframe on Nintendo Switch available now [Warframe]

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