Warcraft reviews teeter one percentage above Pixels

So you’re saying there’s a chance

The first handful of Warcraft movie reviews were not positive and as more opinions are weighted, the reviews have actually gotten worse. The movie still isn’t out until June 10 (though there’s an IMAX showing here in San Francisco tomorrow night), but movie review aggregate RottenTomatoes has considered 50 reviews as of today, only 18% of which are positive.

That’s down from when we last checked in when, with a smaller sample size, 38% of reviews were positive. The Metacritic score hasn’t moved much, dropping from 32/100 to 31, but Metacritic only lists 14 reviews at the moment.

Warcraft‘s 18% mark is one tick higher than Adam Sandler’s Pixels; 17% of its 169 reviews are positive. Of course, Pixels made $245 million worldwide against its $88 million budget (albeit only $79 million in the US); the recent Angry Birds movie (43% positive) has made $285 million against a $88 million production budget (also mostly from international ticket sales); even the awful Hitman: Agent 47 (8% positive reviews) made over $82 million against $33 million in production.

Oh, Hollywood has recognized the big earnings potential of video games in the mainstream, all right. Warcraft is having a bigger release in China than the last record-holder, Furious 7. The latter went on to make almost $400 million in China alone. So it’s kind of a shit movie, but it’s going to make money hand over fist and I’m sure they’ll make more of them, at least!

Steven Hansen