Warcraft movie reviews are not great so far

Dunked-on Jones

I have my own personal plight about Duncan Jones, who made the lovely Moon, toiling away for years on a tent-pole blockbuster based on a video game, but it looks like Warcraft fans aren’t going to get any benefit from it either.

Warcraft isn’t out in the US until June 10, but there are a smattering of reviews live, none of them all that positive. RottenTomatoes counts eights reviews — three positive, five negative — with a 4.8/10 average score (or, by the site’s preferred method, only 38% positive reviews) while the current Metacritic score for the film is 32/100.

Most charitable is The Hollywood Reporter at 6/10. Sheri Linden found it impressively put-together, though, “For non-aficionados, the two-hour experience could be more concise, but it’s no ordeal. Neither, though, is it consistently involving.” On the lower end of the spectrum (3/10; there’s also a 1/10), Variety‘s Geoff Berkshire calls it “shopworn and rather tacky” and says “the final product brings to mind those animated advertisements for iPhone app games.” If you’re worried about those Hollywood movie writer opinions, a big Warcraft gamer also thinks the movie is bad.

At least it’s not Pixels. Or Hitman: Agent 47. Or Ratchet & Clank. Or the Angry Birds movie.

Good lord.

Steven Hansen