Warcraft is now the most successful video game film of all time

Despite a massive US dropoff in week two

In its second week in the US, the Warcraft movie had a massive dropoff in ticket sales (a 72.7% drop), which is one of the largest of all time for a film hosted in over 3,000 screens, but that doesn’t matter –it just surpassed $377 million worldwide (mostly from China), and thus, Prince of Persia‘s record-setting $336 million. At this point, Warcraft is now the highest grossing video game film ever. If we use the standard “double the budget ($160m) to compensate for marketing” formula, it’s already profitable.

I’ve literally heard it all when it comes to this project. From hardcore Warcraft fans who hate it to Blizzard haters who love it — so I’m excited to see this eventually. Also, Dominic Cooper (King Wrynn) has been steadily gaining a lot of cachet for me personally given his enjoyable performance in Agent Carter, and most recently, Preacher.

June 19 [Box Office Mojo]

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