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War Tycoon codes

Freedom isn't free, but redeemable War Tycoon codes are!

If you’re up for a round of heroic deeds in an armed conflict, fire up War Tycoon. Build your own base, collect oil, and fight other players to show them who is on top. Setting up your base is expensive, which is why we bring you all the freshest codes.

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War Tycoon codes will grant you cash and medals to upgrade your base and gain better weapons. You can also get limited weapon skins to destroy your enemies in style. If you can’t get enough of battlefield action, check out our list of Military War Tycoon codes for more free goodies!

All War Tycoon codes list

Active War Tycoon codes 

  • Boom—Redeem for the Verdant Gun Skin 

Expired War Tycoon codes

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How to redeem codes in War Tycoon

Redeeming codes in War Tycoon is easy. Follow our instructions to get your rewards in seconds:

War Tycoon Code Redemption Guide
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  1. Launch War Tycoon on Roblox.
  2. Press the cogwheel button in the top-left corner.
  3. Click on the Codes tab in the menu.
  4. Enter your code in the text box.
  5. Click Redeem and receive your free goodies!

How to get more codes in War Tycoon

If you want the latest War Tycoon codes, bookmark the article using CTRL and D so you can stay updated with the latest freebies as soon as they drop. We search the internet every day, so you don’t have to!

However, if you wish to look for freebies on your own, you can check the developer’s Green Titans Entertainment Roblox group, the Kizmotek Discord server, the official YouTube channel (@WarTycoonRBLX),  and the official X account (@WarTycoonRBLX).

Why are my War Tycoon codes not working?

Your War Tycoon might not be working for one of two common reasons. The first is misspellings. Every code has special characters, capital letters, or numbers, so be careful when typing. To prevent typos, copy and paste the codes directly from the article into the game. The second reason is usually the code’s expiration date, so make sure to redeem them as soon as possible.

Other ways to get free rewards in War Tycoon

Besides redeeming War Tycoon codes, you get daily rewards for logging in, including free spins and money for your base. On top of that, you are given free boosts and privileges if you’re playing with friends and if you join the Roblox group we have linked above.

What is War Tycoon?

War Tycoon is a simulator Roblox game that puts you in the middle of the battlefield. Play alone or with your friends as you level up your base and defeat the opposing side. You switch between the first-person gameplay when participating in guerilla warfare and the third-person experience when you’re leveling up your base and collecting funds for war. This title is highly addicting, so go out there and show me your war faces!

If you want even more freebies for your other games, look through our Roblox Codes section here on Destructoid and treat yourself to some codes!

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