Survival is a rarely affordable privilege in War Hospital

war hospital nacon connect trailer

Names become Numbers

As part of yesterday’s Nacon Connect live stream, the French publisher released a new trailer for its affecting and intense-looking release, War Hospital, which is currently in development for PC and consoles.

Developed by indie outfit Brave Lamb Studios, War Hospital is a harsh management simulator that will afford the player the unenviable task of attempting to build, run, and maintain makeshift medical facilities in the throes of World War One. As a British combat medic on the French frontline, with an almost hopeless situation at hand, it is the player’s task to ensure that wounded soldiers are able to receive the care needed to keep them alive, standing, and ultimately, returning to the fight.

Understaffed and undersupplied, massively difficult matters of efficiency and pragmatism will need to be tackled in order to ensure maximum survivability rate for a constant influx of patients. Research and develop new fields of medicine and healing, build extended wards and theaters within earshot of battle, and, when the war gets a little too close for comfort, be prepared to venture into the field in a desperate search for resources, and face the consequences of desperate, necessary actions.

While War Hospital certainly doesn’t look to have the jolly, low-stakes nature of similar titles such as Theme Hospital and Two Point Hospital, the trailer above showcases a meticulously designed and stylishly presented example of the hospital sim genre. While certainly not a title for the weak of heart and nerve, War Hospital looks very promising, and worth watching for those willing to tip the ultimate scales of life and death.

War Hospital launches later this year on PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X.

Chris Moyse
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