WAR and EQ2 items being offered in the next Massive Online Gamer magazine

Getting wicked items in MMOs can be rough work. The countless hours I spent to get a “Magicked Skull” in Final Fantasy XI have taught me that getting an item handed to you is better than senseless grinding. In the September 28th issue of Massive Online Gamer magazine four exclusive in-game items will be offered for Warhammer Online, EverQuest 2, and Mabinogi respectively.

The list is as follows:

Warhammer Online – Vanquisher’s Emerald Band. Gives a +2 to all stats and a special effect that will award a chance for extra corporeal damage

EverQuest 2 – Limited Edition Guild Hall Statue. Bling to put in your hall.

Mabinogi – Cat Club and Cat Earmuffs. Allows for hitting and looking pretty.

MOG magazine is available wherever crazy MMO magazines are sold and are usually located on the magazine rack next to the guy that smells kind of funny. Speaking of magazines, do any of you have a specific stance on publications or websites tossing out items? Do you think it hurts the integrity of the game?

Brad BradNicholson