Wanted: Two community members to play Borderlands

Will you be at or near QuakeCon this Friday? Do you want to play Borderlands? Are you a fine, upstanding member of the Destructoid community? If so, then Gearbox wants YOU to invade the studio headquarters and try out its awesome looking shooter.

At 4pm, Gearbox will be showing off Borderlands. It’s a half hour drive from QuakeCon, so this is pretty much only something a Texas-based Dtoider can get to, unless you’re made of money and can book a flight pronto. There are two spaces open and Gearbox wants a pair of you guys to have them. As short notice as it is, I’m going to throw together a very quick giveaway.

If you want to go, and are pretty sure you can go, respond to this thread saying “Borderlands makes my salty mushroom wet.” You can post as many times as you like to increase your changes. Tomorrow morning at about 8am Central, I’ll close my eyes, scroll up and down the page really fast, then jab the screen with my finger. Using this highly scientific method, I will select two member at random. Check this post a little after 8am tomorrow. If you’ve been selected, use the forums to PM me your email address, which I’ll forward to Gearbox for further details. 

That’s about it. Hope some of you guys can make it, since it’s your enthusiasm that makes developers want to give us such nice offers.

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