Wantame Uranai Channel has dogs, costumes, and madness


As much as I love kooky import titles, for some reason I never expect the next one coming around the corner to out-weird the previous. It’s as if I learned absolutely nothing from the Cho Anikis and Rhythm Tengokus of the world. Anyway, enter DS Wantame Uranai Channel, where you apparently play minigames in the style of Wario Ware, but with small dogs that are dressed up in various costumes. I am convinced that somewhere in Tokyo, there are a cluster of Japanese game designers who are making these games because there is a strong market for them. The only thing we as Americans can take away from this is that the Japanese are odder that ever, and that an egg frying sim on naked schoolgirls is likely coming soon to a portable near you.


Colette Bennett