Want your own Jessica Chobot? Now you can have one, kinda

Yes, I myself would have to say I would like my own Jessica Chobot. However, since it’s highly unlikely that I can steal the real thing and hide her away at my house, I may have to settle for the next best thing. Southern Island Toy Company has announced a limited edition Jessica Chobot anime-style statues after meeting her at San Diego ComicCon. There will be 500 made of each and they will be sold on the specialty market (at retailers such as Hot Topic and Spencer’s) as well as online. Cheers, beautiful lady — as the first game journalist to be immortalized in toy form, you make us proud!

This whole thing got me thinking I would really like to have a Destructoid action set. Niero with removable helmet and pew pew pew action sounds? Ron Workman with interchangable cat masks?  How about Chad Concelmo deluxe set with dolphin companion? The list goes on. I feel a Photoshop coming on. Faithful community? Help me make my fantasy come true, even if it’s only here in the comments. I’ll buy you ice cream at PAX.

Colette Bennett