Want to play that cancelled Saint’s Row game? You can!

Well that’s just damn nice of them

Less than a week ago I reported that you could check out a few clips of Volition’s cancelled Saint’s Row: Undercover, a PSP game that never was. I thought it was cool that Volition even let it out the door considering how maniacally protective most studios are when it comes to protecting prototype footage and cancelled projects, But now they’ve done one better and released a playable ISO to the fine folks at Unseen64.

Anyone with a PSP emulator can now get a taste of Saint’s Row: Undercover in all its low-poly, slightly janky glory. If you want to see what all the fuss is about, you can check out an archived stream of Volition playing the game earlier today. Good on them for doing this. I would love to see this pick up as a trend in the industry. 

Saints Row: Undercover – Download the Playable PSP Prototype [Unseen64]

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