Want to look like Chun Li or Ryu this Halloween? Tough luck, try Akuma and Ken

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Gamesniped has uncovered a true gem for anybody who wants to look like a street fighter this Halloween. Sadly, the Ryu and Chun Li costumes are (less than surprisingly) sold out until 2008, but Akuma and Ken are still available if you want to have a somewhat sweet Street Fighter costume this year.

The purchase and subsequent donning of these garments may make you nerdier than you ever thought possible, but the risk is surely worth it. I would highly recommend the Akuma costume if you want to look like a complete prat. Should you wish to get your hands on these high quality clothes, here are the prices:

Ryu: Not Available
Akuma: $54.95 w/wig included! (plus shipping)
Chun-li: Not Available
Ken: $46.95 (plus shipping)

With Halloween now less than a month away, this most heretical holiday is a great time for gamers to make arses of themselves. What are you planning to go as this year, and what’s the most ridiculous videogame costume you’ve worn/seen? Furthermore, are you as bummed as I am that you can’t buy that Chun Li costume?

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