Want team-accurate camera angles in MLB 2K10? Try this

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I’ve been playing 2K Sports’ Major League Baseball 2K10 for review, and I’ve noticed that one of the (few) ways in which it is better than Sony’s MLB 10 The Show is its suite of highly customizable in-game camera angles. Kotaku’s Owen Good noticed it, too, and in an effort to bring a higher degree of verisimilitude to MLB 2K10, he went in and tinkered with the camera angles in each of the ballparks of baseball’s 30 teams to make the videogame resemble each team’s TV broadcast as closely as possible.

Of course, the reason why these settings need to exist in the first place is because in baseball — more than any other sport besides golf — no two venues are alike. Every stadium is unique, with its own dimensions, its own field area, and its own quirks; that’s a major part of what makes the sport so special. This means that, for example, a directly-behind-the-pitcher, dead-center-field camera angle isn’t viable in most ballparks; almost all broadcasts utilize an off-center viewpoint instead.

Good has provided the proper camera settings for all 30 teams, as well as comparison shots like the one above (in case you can’t tell, real life is on the left), so go check them all out if you own MLB 2K10. I’ll give you a head start: click here for the settings you should use in Yankee Stadium.

Working the Angles to Make Video Game Baseball Look More Like TV [Kotaku]

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