Want another Rival Schools? Producer says ‘tweet about it’


Rival Schools: United by Fate is a criminally underrated fighting game, and although it did get a sequel (and an update in Japan), I wish it was still in the conversation — hell, I wish it was at EVO.

It’s a longshot, but series producer Hideaki Itsuno wants it to live on, you just need to tweet “#RivalSchools3” to show you’re serious. At the CFN Network, the Itsuno spoke about several design choices he’s made in the series, but also casually dropped a new Twitter campaign in an effort to make a new game.

Now is the obligatory time that I shout out to my boy Shoma, who is one of the biggest badasses Capcom ever created. I would love to see characters like Batsu and Roberto battle it out again. Maybe one day!

Hideaki Itsuno [CFN Portal via Event Hubs] [art credit: Feloz]

Chris Carter
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