Want another Dark Cloud? Ask louder, dummy!

Whenever the name of Level 5 is invoked, one question invariably crops up: “When are we getting another Dark Cloud?” The series is overdue a revival, but it never seems to happen, despite the clamoring of the gamer community. Still, while no plans are currently in motion, Level 5’s Yoshiaki Kusuda told Kotaku that the team would consider it, if asked enough times.

“At this moment we don’t have a specific plan for a sequel in the Dark Cloud series,” he explains. “There are many staff members, including myself at Level 5, who have worked on the Dark Cloud series. There are some who decided to join Level 5 because they love the Dark Cloud series. So, if requests from users should increase in the future, we would seriously consider making it.”

So there’s your answer. It’s your fault because you’ve not been demanding it enough. Go work on that and you might get your precious Dark Cloud.

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