Want a Wii? Get one today!
[Update: nevermind!]

If you live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and still desperately desire a Nintendo Wii, then tomorrow morning is your lucky day! I’m not certain whether it’s just a few or all Pittsburgh area Gamestop stores, but if you do some looking around tomorrow you might just find yourself 30 new Wiis. I suggest the store in Waterworks for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Except that I will randomly be there for absolutely no reason whatsoever and we can be Dtoid dorks and talk about video games. First person to run into the store while I’m there and scream out Destructoid.com gets $20 bucks — true story. The only person that doesn’t apply to is my Pittsburgh stalker Ana, you’re not allowed to come.

Don’t live in Pittsburgh? Well where the heck do you live then? Drop a line about where you hail from and we’ll try to watch out for news that can help our readers in the future. If you’re no where near Pittsburgh but still interested in getting a Wii or PS3, then just scroll down a bit more and Summa will hook you up with what you need to know. 

Update: Despite my friend telling me she saw 20-30 Nintendo Wiis ready for sale in the back room last night, after hitting up the store this morning we were told “we don’t have any.” So if you’re going to be one of the many gamers stuck all nighting it Saturday night in hopes of getting a Wii/PS3 on December 17th, then enjoy knowing that the stores may have had them for days already. Sorry readers, good luck with your searches.

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