Want a R.O.B. for your PS3? Sony’s thought about it

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R.O.B. the Robot seems to hold a fond spot in the memories of most gamers even though it was far from being ideal when it came to actual functionality (probably due to the fact he was so darn cute). That being said, I think at least a few gamers have considered how cool it might be to have an accessory like this that really works. Sony’s thought about it too, if the patent filed by them in June of last year is any indication.

Siliconera reports that this robot is designed with a camera to be able to detect where it stands in a room as well as a display. There’s also a mic and speaker which, obviously, allows the robot to “hear” and to respond. There are no details as to how the robot could be used in conjunction with a game … but I have to admit, it piques my interest. I’m not sure if I would buy it, but I like the idea. Would you buy a robot for gaming if it was actually functional, or does that seem like a useless acquisition to you?

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