Wanna hear your voice in GTA4?

If you’re not a mumbly-mouthed idiot, then you might actually have a real chance to hear your own voice on Liberty City radio. We’re talking Grand Theft Auto IV here, people.

There’s a real phone number to WKTT radio. Call it (212-360-2368) and wait for the tone, say and spell your name, and then bitch about the world or whatever you’d like. These calls are recorded and will be screened, and those that make the cut will be included in the audio for Grand Theft Auto IV.

From WKTT radio:

Does the anger of always being right make you feel like talking to someone? Have you got something to get off your chest? Don’t bottle it up. Don’t slur it at the bartender. Hear yourself on Liberty City radio!

Of course, there is some terms and conditions, but this is a pretty nifty promotion that Rockstar is holding. We just feel bad for the guy who has to go through all the crap to find a couple of useable gems.

[via Gaming Bits]

Dale North