Wandersong will assuage our eardrums with its melodious gameplay in 2018

Peep this new trailer

I once had a college professor who would call on someone, and when they were hesitant to answer he would say “c’mon, assuage our eardrums with your melodious and canorous voice!” Well, actually, he only said that to the women in the class. Regardless, it stuck with me, and this headline is dedicated to him.

Wandersong was kickstarted last year and has been on my radar ever since. I even included it on my list of 2017 indies to watch for last month. With its new trailer comes some release date information as well — the game will come out sometime next year, making my list already erroneous. I think developer Greg Lobanov did this just to spite me and the list.

I love the way Wandersong makes me feel on the inside. I don’t care if the puzzles are super challenging or the gameplay requires any real sort of dexterity, I just want to exist in this world and enjoy the ride. I mean, if the trailer can make me grin from ear to ear, I can only imagine what the actual game will do!

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