Wanderer will brings VR Sci-Fi adventure to PC and PS4 in January

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Following on from its previously announced delay, developers Oddboy and M Theory announced that its upcoming time-traveling adventure Wanderer is almost ready to leap, and will be launching on PlayStation VR and PC in January 2022.

Wanderer sees unwitting hero Asher thrust into a dimension-hopping journey with universe-shattering consequences. As they pick their way through time and space in a quest to locate several key artifacts, both Asher and the player will find themselves immersed in a variety of pivotal moments in history, both realized and yet-to-be experienced. Journey through brutal World Wars, the flower power of the 1960s, violent battles among ancient civilizations, and the untapped potential of cutting-edge, far-flung futures.

As Asher passes through both time and space, the player will be engaging “escape room” style puzzles, arcade action sequences, and unique interactions in what the developer promises to be “the ultimate time travel adventure”. It’s a fantastic concept — one custom-designed for the Virtual Reality format. Here’s hoping that Wanderer delivers an experience worthy of both 0its promise and its potential when it finally arrives, January 27, on PSVR and PC (via Steam.)

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