Wander on PS4 and PC is horribly broken

How did this get through certification?

It gives me no joy to report that one of my favorite games of PAX East 2015, Wander, has been released in a broken state. Players are reporting all kinds of issues with it on the PS4 subreddit, including crashing, broken or missing mechanics, and the game not even saving progress. 

I dabbled in a build of the game for PC last night for a few minutes just to see how the final version played: At one point my mouse stopped responding, rune stones that required you to draw with your mouse never seemed to function, and I didn’t see a single other player, which isn’t great for a just-released MMO. Wander also suffered from horrible pop in — every few seconds more grass would pop up out of nowhere. I’m running a hex core Intel i7-3930k, 32GB of RAM, and a GTX 980; pretty sure it is the game and not my system. 

The devs of Wander had a Q&A stream today and stated the game is working as intended, while players are seeing otherwise. I’ve asked the devs for comment and will update if they respond. Wander is available now on PS4 and PC for $25, and has mostly negative reviews on Steam if you’d like to see the mess for yourself. 

Jed Whitaker