Walmart jumps gun on Black Friday game deals at 50% off

Eat dust, Best Buy

Deals from the crew at Dealzon. Note: Sales from certain retailers help support Destructoid.

For those people who hate dealing with the crazy crowds during Black Friday, Walmart provides a respite for you today via its pre-Black Friday sale. Everything from toys to video games are at “real” Black Friday prices. (Lots of retailers often do BF pre-sales that are “meh” pricewise.)

While selections are a bit limited, six 2014 titles are now 50% off at Walmart for current-gen consoles. Prices on these games are solid and actually match Best Buy’s advertised Black Friday deals. Supplies are going in and out, so sometimes you’ll see stuff available for shipping, while other times it’ll only be available for pick-up at your local Walmart.

Beyond the six games listed below, there’s also a PlayStation 4 + $50 gift card deal — not bad, but we’d suggest waiting for the Black Friday or Cyber Monday PlayStation 4 bundle deal, which includes The Last of Us and Grand Theft Auto V.

There are also some HDTVs at decent prices, and humorously enough, these are “pre-orders” that won’t process until Black Friday. Some of the other deals such as Skylander Trap Team are now out of stock, but we’ll update this post if anything shows up again through the weekend.

Game Deals

Walmart out of stock, GameStop price matched:

  • Wolfenstein: The New Order (PS4Xbox One) — $29.99 (list $60)

HDTV Deals:

If you scan through the full list linked above you’ll probably see lots of titles at full price. We’re not sure why Walmart has thrown these into the category but they’re obviously safe to ignore.

Update: Most of the game deals above have ran out of stock, except for The Evil Within. We suspect there will be more in stock given the sale runs through Thursday next week. YMMV, depending on stock level at Walmarts near you.