Walmart is selling Quantum Break for $48

Add to cart to see the 20 percent discount

Don’t have an Amazon Prime or Best Buy’s Gamers Club Unlocked membership? No problemo, says Walmart. If you’re planning to pick up Xbox One’s latest exclusive title Quantum Break, the game is already discounted by 20 perfect over at the retailer for $47.99.

Did Walmart buy one too many copies? Did the game not sell as well as expected? We’re not privy to the details but we do know that discounts on AAA console games within a week after release are very rare, particularly at 20 percent off.

Generally, we’ll see a modest discount of $10, and it’ll take about a good month or two for it to move up to a $12 discount. But here we are, three days after release. You’ll have to add Quantum Break to your cart to see the price, and free shipping isn’t available so you’ll need to pick up your order from the nearest Walmart.

Not sure about the title? Check out our review.

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