Walmart exclusive Nintendo Switch Splatoon 2 bundle back in stock

Not a bad idea before the holiday rush

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If you’re still looking for a Nintendo Switch, your problem is solved this weekend (for a limited time anyways) as Walmart now has their exclusive Nintendo Switch Splatoon 2 bundle back in stock. The supply for the Nintendo Switch has always had a hard time meeting demand since its launch earlier this year in the United States, doubly so if you live in select metropolitan area.

Stock has finally caught up in recent months though as you’ll now be able to see Best Buy stocking units in major areas (you can still only purchase in store), while GameStop constantly has new incoming batches where they’ll offload in bundled offerings (stuffing in useless toys and gadgets at times).

Here’s whats included in this bundle:

Given the Pink and Green Joy-Con only comes in the Splatoon 2 bundle and that the bundle is exclusive to Walmart, if you want this particular Joy-Con setup you’re basically locked to buying at Walmart (or waiting for someone to offload their unit on Craigslist/eBay).

In terms of stock availability for this bundle, Walmart has had this available since early Saturday Friday morning – while it didn’t sell out within hours like the first time the system was made available on Walmart, we still don’t expect this to last through the weekend.

For those looking for savings in this bundle, you will not find any as you’re basically paying price for a Switch ($300) plus Splatoon 2 ($60) and the carrying case ($20). But bare in mind that as we approach the holiday season, supply for the Nintendo Switch will most likely take a hit again as demand rise. We don’t foresee any major discount on the system this holiday season – though we’ve certainly been surprised before.

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