Walmart, Best Buy’s used game kiosks to cease operations

You may have come across a Best Buy or Walmart location that had a game trading/renting/selling automated kiosk recently. Now they’re leaving just as quick as they came.

It turns out that these machines were put in place by a company called E-Play. Now E-Play is going out of business. They’re in the process of picking up their machines. They’ll all be shut down and removed in the next three weeks.

Judging from your reaction from when we first reported on in, it’s no wonder they’re going out of business. I’m with many of you. I have no interest in buying a game without the packaging. I talked to a retail buyer a few months back about this. He assured me this would take off. If you’re reading: I told you so.

Walmart and Best Buy cease used games trade-in operations [Joystiq]

Dale North