Wallace & Gromit creators making DSi shorts for Nintendo

Aardman, the excellent studio behind Wallace & Gromit, has signed up to create twelve animated shorts for Nintendo that will be released starting this month through Christmas. The catch? These shorts were created using only the DSi’s Flipnote Studio.

The weekly run of animated shorts starts on September 16 with “The Sandwich Twins,” which will be viewable on the Flipnote Hatena site when it debuts. “I had a lot of fun making these,” says Aardman’s Tim Ruffle. “Budding animators will find this a great way to get creative!”

Let it be known that a blunt object may have been used to make Mr. Ruffle say those things against his will. Or maybe he really did enjoy his time spent with Flipnote Studio. At any rate, Aardman is known for quality, and I’m expecting to see just that from this project.

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