Walking Dead’s Daryl, once again without Merle, appears in another video game crossover

The more popular brother

There was a time when Merle and Daryl (otherwise known as Merlin Derle) were a united front.

They appeared in games together! But now that truce is broken. Norman Reedus is just too popular and it’s been a long time since Michael Rooker exited the show (ain’t got time to bleed when you’re in the MCU!). It’s still very much Daryl’s time. The newest crossover? Fornite.

As the newest pair of skins, Daryl is joined by another fan-favorite: Michonne. This is sort of incorporated into the story, which is currently dealing with the aftermath of Galactus’ destruction of the Fornite world, as the main powers-that-be search for “hunters” to aid them. So far, the Mandolorian has entered the fray, along with Kratos and Master Chief.

That hunter theme, and the partnership between both Sony and Microsoft respectively, has folks highly anticipating a Nintendo crossover. The most obvious choice is Samus (otherwise known as the crawling “Metroid”), but Nintendo could also just not participate at all. We’ll see!

For now you can get Daryl, Michonne, and various bits and bobs of realistic looking weaponry for V-Bucks.

Daryl Dixon and Michonne Join the Hunt [Epic Games]

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