Walk It Out is so terribly exciting it hurts

Are you ready for the most over enthusiastic trailer you’ve ever seen? No, I mean are you really ready? You’re about to be blown over by enthusiasm for a game no one should be that enthusiastic about so you’re going to need to be sitting down and have MadWorld turned on to remind you that the Wii can do cool stuff. OK, if you’re ready, hit the jump and experience the trailer for Walk It Out.

It’s a game about walking that even Dad can play, and if it comes with that “personal trainer” lady it will even make him punch the TV and probably turn to alcohol abuse. The amount of chipperness exuding from her is disturbing, and one wonders why a personal trainer would be so excited about a game that mimics walking when, and you can correct me if I’m wrong here, going outside and walking is even easier to do than turning your Wii on and setting everything up. From my experience personal trainers usually work to remove barriers between people and exercise.

I understand Wii Fit, and most of the other fitness games, as they offer something in your home that you may have to travel to a gym for and pay some money to do, but walking? Yes, the game let’s you “walk” to beats and if you do it well it opens new areas and it has a plethora of mini-games, but if you give me 50 bucks and pop on your iPod I’ll open your front door and show you a nifty little game I call Strolling Around the Block.

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